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One of the most difficult to treat skin conditions is hyperpigmentation. In spite of the number of treatment options, including prescription and cosmetic topical creams, radio frequency, cryosurgery, and laser surgery, nothing has provided the holy grail in pigment preventers and measurable improvement.

Whether pigmentation results from sun damage, acne, inflammation, birth control, pregnancy, hormones, prescription drugs or injury, it is caused by an irregular increase in melanin. The process of melanin production is known as Melanogenesis-a complicated pathway involving exposure to sun or other stressors, oxidation of Tyrosine by the enzyme Tyrosinase, L-DOPA, L-DOPA conversion to Dopa Quinone, Melanin formation, and deposition of Melanin in the dermal or epidermal layer, manifesting as pigmentation.

There have been a plethora of skin care products purporting to brighten the skin and treat pigmentation. Hydroquinone has been, for many years,  recommended as the most effective lightener; but, there are many concerns over the safety of it's long term use. Other ingredients that have been shown to help control the melanin formation process include Kojic, Acid, Azelaic Acid, botanical extracts, Hydroxy Acids, vitamins and peptides. All have been proven somewhat helpful in inhibiting and decreasing some of the steps in the melanogenesis process, but none of them have created satisfactory and sustained results.

 The appearance of pigmentation and dark spots remain one of the most difficult skin conditions to target. But, thanks to Environ Skin Care's NEW Focus Care Radiance+ Range, the look of uneven skin tone may be a thing of the past! The revolutionary Radiance+ 3-step Mela-Smart System, comprised of 4 powerhouse formulations, work synergistically to help inhibit the effects of the 6 complex steps involved in the formation of hyperpigmentation. The Radiance+ Range contains a myriad of combinations of scientifically researched ingredients that may assist in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone:

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